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I composed this piece for a concert at Edinburgh International Harp Festival 2016. It is the musical counterpart to my exploration of the desire to belong to a community, and the beginnings of an understanding as to why we humans might crave this. It was composed in East London, a place that's a stark contrast with the remote Scottish Highlands where I spent my early years. Phrenetikos feels like an onomatopoeic word for the feeling I often get from spending lots of time on social media and is the Greek origin of the word frenetic.


         1. Expanse

         2. Phrenetikos

         3. Gun Urra

         4. Hope


released April 6, 2018

Music composed, performed, engineered, produced: Fraya Thomsen
Mixed, mastered: Gary Harper
Artwork: Django Thomsen
Graphic design: Renee van Baalen